KEYNOTES & PARTNERS – Radar Security 2022


Radar is the leading fact-based un-biased provider of insights for the Nordic IT industry and decision makers.

Radar provides products and services to solution providers as well as IT decision makers. Our insights and services provide up to date information to enable our customers to make the right decisions at the right time.

Hans Werner – Opening keynote of Radar Security 2022

We will provide you with the latest trends and developments in Swedish IT security. The opening keynote will handle topics such as a current situation analysis, facts and insights around the everchanging threat level.

Hans Werner

CEO, Radar Ecosystem Specialists

Stefan Lager

Stefan Lager, SVP Global Service Lines Orange Cyberdefense

Orange Cyberdefense – a leading provider within cyber security. We provide managed security, managed threat detection & response services to organizations locally and around the globe. With approximately 2500 employees worldwide and a total of 350 in Sweden.

We have experts within the whole lifecycle of cyber threats, where research, threat analysis and competitive intelligence around current and new threats are central.

The shift to happy investments

In the area of cybersecurity there are hundreds of different solutions to invest in, so how do you prioritize?

One common challenge is that companies have focused on building capabilities rather than reducing risks. This behavior is driven by the strong force of the security vendors that want to make sure that security investments are aligned with the capabilities of their technology. The question that has to be asked is, have this reduced your overall risk significantly?

During this presentation we will talk about key factors that can optimize your security investments, to reduce your business risk.


Stefan Lager, SVP Global Service Lines Orange Cyberdefense

Stefan has since he started his career within cyber security had many roles for security integrators but also for security manufactures, as Sr Sales Engineer and Tech Lead supporting partners in EMEA. Between 2021-2014 Stefan worked as a Product Line Manager for Juniper’s Security Business Unit, at their HQ in Sunnyvale CA, with responsibility for SIEM, IPS and Threat Intelligence products. When he came back to Sweden he started working with technical strategies and building up the Managed Services offering at what now is Orange Cyberdefense.

In his role today as SVP for Global Services, he is a trusted advisor for the company and many customers across EMEA, he speaks about building good enough security and make happy investments.

Nordlo is a Nordic IT and digitalization partner that provide companies and organizations with scalable solutions to improve their IT-landscape for both business and employees. With strategic advisory services, close cooperation and trustworthy technology we can support our customers. Nordlo offers solutions within IT infrastructure, cyber security and outsourcing while delivering a seamless implementation.

t.v Magnus Blomberg, Affärsutvecklare Nordlo. t.h Johan Hedberg, Digitaliserings- och IT-chef, Upplands-Bro kommun

Hundra e-tjänster på ett år – med säkerhet i varje steg

Med den ökade digitaliseringstakten kommer inte bara en ökad tillgänglighet och möjligheter, utan också nya risker. Vikten av att ha en säkerhet som alltid ligger i framkant och förbereda IT-miljön för hot som ännu är okända, blir allt viktigare. I en föränderlig omvärld är det av yttersta vikt att vi kan minimera de hinder som står i vägen för Svenska verksamheters utveckling.

Tillsammans med Upplands-Bro kommun, nominerad till årets digitaliseringskommun, kommer vi under föreläsningen att diskutera hinder, förutsättningar och möjligheter med en digitaliseringsresa. Genom en hög samverkan både inom och utanför verksamheten har Upplands-Bro lyckats med en enastående digitalisering, med säkerhet i varje steg.

Johan Hedberg, Digitaliserings- och IT-chef Upplands-Bro kommun

Johan har varit ledande i att driva digitaliseringsprocessen för Upplands-Bro kommun, som i år är nominerad till årets digitaliseringskommun. Med lång erfarenhet inom IT, utveckling och innovation bidrar Johan med bred kunskap som leder verksamheter framåt och skapar mervärde.

Magnus Blomberg, Affärsutvecklare Nordlo

Magnus har över 25 års erfarenhet av affärsutveckling samt tekniska- och operativa strategier inom IT-sektorn.  Idag har han även ett övergripande ansvar för att driva, utveckla och samordna Nordlos leveranser med fokus på affär och teknik i syfte att på bästa sätt utveckla Nordlos kunder.

Hashicorp med Elits

Erkan Djafer

Erkan Djafer, senior solutions engineer at HashiCorp

ELITS has a comprehensive range of services that support businesses with a challenging IT infrastructure, see future opportunities with a modern cloud infrastructure and the benefits of cloud-native applications. Our IT specialists take an active part in the business, ensuring that the IT infrastructure supports the business goals, whether it’s a question of strengthening competence in the organization, requirements consulting, or short projects that require qualified IT staff. We are with you all the way on your Journey to Agile.

HashiCorp is a leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows and create a system of record for automating the cloud: infrastructure provisioning, security, networking, and application deployment.

The one who chases two rabbits, catches neither

Moving away from the chaos to focused digital acceleration with Multi-Cloud and Zero Trust

Digital Transformation, Cloud Shift, Cloud Apocalypse, Automation, DevOps… these are only some of the buzz-words in use to try to describe this challenge, but what does this really mean for your organization?

Application Software, Infrastructure Software, Business Process Services and System Infrastructure markets are the four areas of technology when considering a cloud shift. By 2025, 51% of IT spending in these four categories will have shifted from traditional solutions to public cloud, compared to 41% in 2022. Two thirds (65.9%) of spending on application software will be directed toward cloud technologies in 2025, up from 57.7 in 2022 As your organization is changing with the demands of our increasingly complex and new world, it’s easy to loose the path towards a succesful journey.

In this presentation we will take a look at how HashiCorp views these challenges and where our vision and strategy for digital acceleration starts, and why real public cloud zero-trust requires the interaction with additional technologies.


Erkan Djafer, senior solutions engineer at HashiCorp

Erkan Djafer has a decade of experience with networking, security and infrastructure. In his current role as a Senior Solutions Engineer for HashiCorp in EMEA he’s responsible for leveraging his knowledge as a technical evangelist and a trusted advisor across EMEA in the field of DevOps, automation, security and megatrends. He’s an experienced professional with a strong public speaking background, he holds a number of speaking awards, including Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live. His main-expertise is Cloud-Based security. He spends his free time with ethical hacking, tech and an active lifestyle.

IT-Total – We provide our customers with a more secure digitalization journey.

By delivering managed services, consulting and products within Secure Hybrid Cloud. Safe and secure. All employees are security certified and we operate in security-classified offices and data centers, in Sweden.

t.v. Magnus Järnhandske
Chief Cyber Security Architect, t.h. Fredrik Lagercrantz. Head of Managed Services & Cyber Security

Have you been hacked? How do you handle cyber security incidents?

You are under attack. Your organization has been breached/hacked. The next few minutes are critical for the development. How do you handle such an incident today?

Cyber security breaches can have a serious impact on an organization. The moves you make in the hours and days following the incident are incredibly important. By minimizing potential losses, restoring services you can maintain trust with your colleagues, clients and customers.

We would walk you through a case study and show you how you should act in a real case scenario. We will give you som adviceand best practices to help you enhance your cybersecurity strategy

Emanuel Lipschütz, Chef, Cybersäkerhet, 4xCCIE, CCDE.

Emanuel Lipschütz, Chef, Cybersäkerhet, 4xCCIE, CCDE.

Cisco is the world’s leading provider with IT infrastructure and IT security. We are proud of our intelligent platform that can benefit society with our networks, data centers, security and collaboration solutions which enables innovation and secure digitalization.

Conscia – A leading European provider of Security and IT infrastructure solutions based on technology from Cisco. Conscia aim to be the best partner to ensure our customers business critical IT infrastructure. We manage the whole value chain from design, implementation to operations and optimization.

Resan från lapptäcke till enhetlig säkerhet – våra erfarenheter av SASE

Idag måste vi erbjuda en sömlös, flexibel och säker IT-miljö mellan mycket utspridda moln, servrar och användare. Vägen dit går via mjukvaru- och molnbaserade nätverks- och säkerhetslösningar som möjliggör en Zero Trust-policy och tillåter en ökad visibilitet, redundans och motståndskraft i er IT-infrastruktur.

Conscia har omfattande erfarenhet av svårigheterna och vinsterna med att införa moderna mjukvarudefinierade nätverk och säkerhetstjänster hos många större verksamheter. Hur man går från ett lapptäcke av äldre system med nästan lika många verktyg som funktioner till en mjukvarudefinierad, flexibel, segmenterad och säker IT-infrastruktur. Vi vill dela våra bästa tips och lärdomar med er: fallgropar, prioriterade åtgärder, rimliga mål totalt och på vägen och best practise.

Emanuel Lipschütz, Chef, Cybersäkerhet, 4xCCIE, CCDE.

Emanuel Lipschütz  är ursprungligen grundare av Netsafe och har flera decenniers erfarenhet av att arbeta med nätverkssäkerhet för några av Sveriges ledande privat och offentliga verksamheter. Han är en av Sveriges främsta konsulter inom Cisco Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider och Data Center, en av få i världen med 4 CCIE certifieringar och en CCDE certifiering. Emanuel är ensam i Sverige med att ha fått utmärkelsen Sirius Top Quality Instructor Award som en av Ciscos 100 bästa instruktörer.

Stephan Andersson, CEO Asurgent

Asurgent – We support our customers by staying relevant in the accelerating digitalization of the fourth industrial revolution. By transforming our customers IT from ground to cloud – and onwards – to benefit from cloud-, security, intelligence, flexibility and vast offering. We continuously challenge the grounds patchwork and display how modern technology can improve our customers business, services and profitability. Our company is built on our competence and services around the public cloud services and act as advisors and technological experts along the cloud journey for many of Sweden’s largest companies.

Asurgent – Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021

Why moving to the clouds are the best safety measure you can do to secure your business / It´s about time to leave the ground to raise your security levels

Many companies are stuck on the ground with digital legacy consisting of a huge variety of infrastructure components, different operating systems, old databases and applications which many also has passed end of life. Trying to safeguard this kind of digital patchwork requires a tremendous effort, skills and investments – and you will still end up with a high-risk having lots of vulnerabilities and attack surfaces. In this session we will talk about why and how moving to the cloud will raise your security levels and the outstanding possibilities you will get to detect threats and protect your data and your business. We will share our experience from real cyber-attacks and how cloud services also better can protect your on-premises environments while you still are in a hybrid mode.

Stephan Andersson, CEO Asurgent

Jason Kent

Organizations trust Cequence Security to protect their APIs and web applications with the most effective and adaptive defense against fraud, business logic abuse, exploits and unintended data leakage. Cequence is the only API Security Platform that unifies API discovery, inventory, risk analysis and native remediation with proven, real-time threat protection.

Radar Security  – ATO in your API

More and more organizations rely on customers creating accounts on their platforms.  Often these accounts allow for greater marketing efforts, rewards points or simplified purchasing.  These accounts are often attacked for the same reasons.  In this talk I will go over things to look for in order to see the indicators of Account Take Over attacks, common endpoints to monitor and other useful places to instrument alerting.

Jason Kent

For over the last 20 years, Jason has been ethically peering into Client Behavior, Wireless Networks, Web Applications, APIs and Cloud Systems, helping organizations secure their assets and intellectual property from unauthorized access.  As a consultant he’s taken hundreds of organizations through difficult compliance mine fields, ensuring their safety.  As a researcher he has found flaws in consumer IOT systems and assisted in hardening them against external attacks.  At Cequence Security Jason does research, community outreach and supports efforts in identifying Automated Attacks against Web, Mobile, and API-based Applications to keep Cequence’s customers safe.

Thomas Vasen, Head of SASE Solution, Clavister

Thomas Vasen, Head of SASE Solution, Clavister

Clavister is a specialised European cybersecurity company, protecting complex digital businesses for more than two decades. Founded and headquartered in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Clavister offers unique European solutions for Identity, Network and Cloud security solutions across public sector, service provider and defence sectors. #SecurityBySweden

Swedish security for an uncertain world

The doors to today’s IT systems and networks are protected with advanced locks, such as firewalls and other cyber security solutions. These locked doors and a high degree of encryption are used to protect European companies, citizens and critical infrastructure. In recent years, we have seen debates about the origin and reliability of networks and cybersecurity providers.

Is there reason to be worried? Who holds the keys to your doors?

Thomas Vasen, Head of SASE Solution, Clavister

Thomas has over 25 years operational experience with product and service development in the telecoms and IT industry and is today Head of SASE Solution at Swedish expert cybersecurity provider Clavister. Most recently he has been responsible for analytics at DPI specialist Procera Networks and has previously held senior roles at DigitalRoute and Polystar. Before that he was an entrepreneur in a series of Voice over IP start-ups at operators in Europe. Thomas has studied ICT and Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and London School of Economics.

Feruz Semere

Darktrace (DARK:L), a global leader in cyber security AI, delivers world-class technology that protects over 6,500 customers worldwide from advanced threats, including ransomware and cloud and SaaS attacks. Darktrace’s fundamentally different approach applies Self-Learning AI to enable machines to understand the business in order to autonomously defend it. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the company has 1,700 employees and over 30 offices worldwide. Darktrace was named one of TIME magazine’s ‘Most Influential Companies’ for 2021.

Fast and Furious Attacks: Using AI to Surgically Respond

Today’s cyber security teams are overwhelmed. Threats spread so quickly that they can cripple entire data centres within minutes – often before even a highly trained security expert can respond.

Enter Darktrace.

Darktrace’s Autonomous Response technology uses self-learning AI to quickly calculate the best actions to take to effectively contain and combat a cyberattack.

Join Feruz Semere to learn how Autonomous Response takes targeted action to stop ongoing attacks without disrupting your day-to-day business.

Feruz Semere

Feruz studied at the University of Stavanger and Hult International Business School in London. She has 4+ years working experience in the IT industry and has worked with the world’s leading software companies: SAP, SuccessFactors, Qualtrics and now Darktrace. Feruz is a subject matter expert in Cyber Security and works as a Nordic Cyber Security Consultant at Darktrace.

Fujitsu är ett japanskt, globalt IT-tjänstebolag med 126 000 medarbetare som hjälper kunder i mer än 100 länder. I Sverige har vi en bred portfölj tjänster, lösningar och hårdvara för privat och publik sektor inom bland annat digital transformation och cybersäkerhet.